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How Social Media Is Helping In Japan

Japan has been hit with an earthquake, tsunami, a nuclear state of emergency, and a volcano. My heart goes out to them and I wish them all the best. The earthquake and tsunami has knocked out telephone lines while cell phones are spotty at best. This has prompted people to turn to social media. It was estimated that minutes after the earthquake Twitter was reporting over 1200 tweets per minute out of Japan. Twitter, Facebook, and Skype has helped people find loved ones and communicate with one another when there is no other way. Google has also launched their people finder service that is helping people to either find someone or help that person be found. Hopefully all the cynics who think social media is a fad will see the impact and realize social media is not going away. I have been watching the news a lot since this terrible event.  It’s interesting when I was searching on Twitter for pictures or videos and then I would see the exact same pictures on the news. It has also proven to be a great place for the people of Japan to gain information and connect with the government’s relief efforts.