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7 Rules of Groundswell

Groundswell is person-to-person activity. These are real people with lives of their own. You must be ready to connect with people and build relationships with them. Having empathy for people and the situations they face will help you learn about them. So make friends with people and get involved.

You must be a good listener. Social media is not typical marketing. No longer are we just talking to people. We must also listen to them, and more importantly learn from them. Doing so will unlock ideas you might never have thought of.

It takes patients. You can’t be expected that tomorrow you will be fully immersed in social media. It takes time to build relationships, communities, blogs, and trust. Taking the first step and getting involved is a move in the right direction.

Be opportunistic. When a great social media opportunity comes your way, be sure to take it. Being the first one to create a unique social media campaign will set you apart from competitors. You might only get one chance.

Be Flexible. Social media is ever changing and understanding that you never quite know it all will prove useful. You never know when or how someone might attack your company. So having a flexible social media strategy is essential.

Collaborate with others. Work with others to create the best possible social media presence. There are many people in your company that will have different talents and ideas. Having many people support your social media efforts will make for a better experience for your customers.

Be humble. Your company will never be as powerful as people connecting together on social media are. Remember this, as your trying to become a part of groundswell. Being humble will go a long way.


The Future of Groundswell

Where groundswell is heading

Groundswell is growing more than ever, faster than ever. More companies, more people, and mass participation is creating an entirely different world. It is constantly being imbedded into our every day lives with cell phones, computers, cars, and everything else. What allows it to become so successful is it allows people to connect to things they care about. They don’t have to waste time going to things they don’t need, instead, they can be updated by things that are important to them through feeds. This is true value to the customer.

What companies must understand

Groundswell will be a company’s survival; there will be no quick sell on groundswell. If your company is even doing the slightest thing shady, people will know. If you’re selling a printer that has cheaper ink cartridges, but prints less pages per cartridge, people will know. Any type of strategy based on deception will simply not work. Any company that does not engage with groundswell will look outdated and out of touch with their customers.

Customers are the true decision makers

The information social media can provide a business is invaluable. The instantaneous feedback can be used to make crucial decisions. Products will continue to evolve quicker as feedback is received quicker and companies can make better decisions to suit customer needs. Relationships with customers will improve so much that companies will be able to make mistakes, learn from them, and not just survive, but thrive.