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Why Recommendations Are So Important

One of the best things a company could ask for is having their customers recommend their product or service. Getting recommendations, good ratings, and good reviews from customers is much better than any marketing message a company could give. The messages customers provide are authentic and trust worthy. People are smart when they buy products nowadays. Most people have smart phones and within 30 seconds of searching they can find a review for the product they are looking at right in front of them. This makes it so important for companies to realize how important positive or negative comments, reviews, and ratings can be. For a more expensive purchase a consumer could take weeks analyzing an array of products carefully selecting the correct one. This is why it is so incredibly important for a company’s customers to be giving recommendations to other people. Groundswell is having an impact on companies that try to earn a short-term gain. Providing less than superior products or customer service will quickly put a company out of business.

I was recently going to buy a Fluval Chi, a small five-gallon aquarium. It looked great and I was very tempted to buy it in the store right then and there. However, I resisted, waited, and when I got home did a quick search on Google for reviews on this product. Well, what I found is many reviews and the results were not looking good for the Chi. I quickly found out the filter is not adequate and the water will quickly become cloudy in the aquarium. I can only hope that Fluval is listening to groundswell and follows up with an improved product.