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POST Process Simplified

Before one can successfully implement groundswell, they must go through a process of deciding how they will use it and on what platform. This is very important because some people might be using different forms of social media to voice their opinion. If a company or person tries to connect with someone using Facebook when most of their customers are blogging, it won’t be effective. There also must be a key set of steps before one decides to take on social media. A simplified process is the POST method, for people, objectives, strategy, and technology. This method will help build a concrete plan for social media decision-making.

People  – Before it is decided what groundswell tool a company will use, a business must first know whom they are targeting. They must understand their customer’s technographic profile. This is a crucial step as it will help a business better understand how their customers will engage in the conversation and through what medians.

Objectives – When we talk about objectives in the POST process we are mainly concerned with a company’s social media goals. Social media can be used for a variety of things, whether that is empowering your customers, listening, sales, embracing, support, or research. However, it is important that a business has an objective before jumping into groundswell.

Strategy – The strategy is closely tied with objectives. How the relationship will change with customers using groundswell is an important part of strategy. Do we want our customers carrying messages and writing reviews about our products? Do we want customers to become more engaged in our company? Are we trying to build a customer-to-customer support system with our products? Are we trying to develop new products and use groundswell as a development tool? These are all questions that strategy must answer to make the most of the social media used.

Technology – Once people, objectives, and strategy have been determined in the POST process the platform for social media can be selected. Using the correct type of social media is very important, as it is how people will interact or not interact with your company. This is selecting whether to use blogs, wikis, Twitter, Facebook, forums or any other type of social media to get people involved in your company.

How Social Media Is Helping In Japan

Japan has been hit with an earthquake, tsunami, a nuclear state of emergency, and a volcano. My heart goes out to them and I wish them all the best. The earthquake and tsunami has knocked out telephone lines while cell phones are spotty at best. This has prompted people to turn to social media. It was estimated that minutes after the earthquake Twitter was reporting over 1200 tweets per minute out of Japan. Twitter, Facebook, and Skype has helped people find loved ones and communicate with one another when there is no other way. Google has also launched their people finder service that is helping people to either find someone or help that person be found. Hopefully all the cynics who think social media is a fad will see the impact and realize social media is not going away. I have been watching the news a lot since this terrible event.  It’s interesting when I was searching on Twitter for pictures or videos and then I would see the exact same pictures on the news. It has also proven to be a great place for the people of Japan to gain information and connect with the government’s relief efforts.