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Engaging Social Media

Blogs are an easy and effective way to create a social presence. They are simple to setup and engage with people on a personal level. Being transparent within blogs is crucially important. Being transparent in blogs and making sure people know who you are, will make for the best impression. If however, you are not transparent, people will find out and negative publicity will occur. If you’re a spokesperson for a company, let people know, let them know your opinion is slightly bias, it is the proper way of doing things on social media.

Twitter has become a great way of micro-blogging and has become a popular social media platform. It is limited to 140 characters per a post making them direct and to the point. Twitter has become a choice of businesses because of its live feed, allowing problems to be solved individually and quickly. This keeps small problems from becoming a more permanent type of social media. It also allows for companies to listen to what people are saying about their company in real time. The important thing to remember about Twitter is to engage your followers. The quickest way to get your followers to 0 is spamming them with brand messages.

There are many media forms at which you can talk about your product or service to your audience. Social media is not a media form where you want to only focus on talking to your audiance. Engagement is what makes a social media campaign successful. Speaking with your audience and being a part of a bigger conversation should be the goal of social media. Having people demonstrate themselves the benefits of you product or service should be encouraged as it builds credibility. This is especially useful when a potential customer is researching your product or service and finds positive feedback about it.