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Using Groundswell Internally!

Social media is a great tool for listening to what everyone is saying about your business. Although it can be used as a tool for external communication, it can also be a great tool for communicating within a company as well. Companies often don’t have the means to listen to all employees and ideas are often missed. The use of social media is changing all that. Internal wikis, blogs, and online communities are new ways of communicating with employees at all different levels. It gives employees a say within a company and gives power to them like never before. Giving this power unites the top and bottom of an organization and gives top-level management a new perspective. In order for this to work effectively, management must be on board with the changes and implement at least some of the ideas wanted by employees.

Best Buy has capitalized on this with their Blue Shirt Nation. Bell Canada has used ID-ah! and has also been very successful. These are examples of great employee participation and use of internal groundswell to build a better culture within an organization.