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Chrysler’s Eminem Super Bowl Commercial

The Eminem Chrysler Commercial is a unique commercial as it demonstrates the connection between the Detroit car manufacture Chrysler, and Eminem. The commercial is creating awareness for the launching of a new model (Chrysler 200) and depicts Eminem driving this car. The target market for this model I would assume to be an age group somewhere between 18-30. I make this assumption, as this is Eminem’s audience age range that could potentially buy this car. The commercial places importance on the new model, but tries to create a connection to the younger audience.

This was obviously a very expensive commercial. Super Bowl commercials cost up to $100,000 a second and this was a two-minute commercial. Though it did cost a lot of money for this commercial, the Super Bowl had unprecedented amounts of audience this year and broke viewing records. Also, it must be noted that the majority of viewers are watching the game live. Which means the commercial is not going to get fast-forwarded on someone’s PVR.

The technographic profile of Chrysler is made by many creators and critics. This is apparent because of how groundswell reacts to the car industry. Groundswell is very involved in the car industry and as a result Chrysler must be actively involved in listening. It must show a presence online and be listening to suggestion and input from groundswell.  It is imperative that they listen to how this new product is being branded and integrate knowledge learnt into future marketing campaigns. Using Eminem has created hype all over the Internet and is spreading virally. This type of distribution only helps Chrysler reach a bigger audience.