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People Complaining or Dissatisfied With Your Business, The Difference and What You Should Know

People Dissatisfied

There will always be the dissatisfied customer. Whether it’s a lack of a feature or a fault in manufacturing, it will happen. It’s a fact of business, we are all human, and so we all make mistakes. As people turn to social media, companies should monitor places like Twitter, or use Google alerts to make them aware of when their company is mentioned. This type of monitoring will help them react quickly to emerging problems.

When a problem is found, don’t panic. Read, listen, understand, respond, and learn from the experience. Take the time to really listen and understand the person’s problem. Once this is done, be flexible in an effort to make good on the problem at hand. Be humble about your response and remember this is a person that is valuable to your company. There should be a learning curve in these interactions with your customers, and problems associated with them will diminish.

Instead of a having an angry customer, make them an ambassador to your company. People who have legitimate problems that you help solve will be valuable to your company. This is assuming your company understands groundswell and is transparent throughout the company.


Now complainers are a different story. These are people who constantly complain no matter how hard you try to solve their problem. These people could be after a discount or simply never satisfied with your product.

What to do? Well quite simply, usually nothing. The people who constantly complain will quickly become unnoticed as people realize what they are and pay no attention to them. It is the electronic version of crying wolf.

If you’ve built a community with many supporters, the community will usually deal with these types of people. These people usually do far less damage than a person that leaves one complaint and gets no response from you. Misery loves company, in social media, this is the key thing to remember.